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Book review

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It is hard to believe that there is anyone on the planet who is not familiar with the story of A Christmas Carol

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My name is Arina Torchinava. I am a student of the 6th form. I go to musical school and I love playing the piano very much. But to tell the truth I like reading books most of all. Having begun learning English I enjoy reading “Penguin” books. I've read a lot of them. But my favorite is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

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Family background Charles Dickens, the most popular Victoria novelist, was born in Portsmouth in 1812. His father a clerk in the Navy Office was irresponsible with money that is why he was imprisoned for debt. So the life of Charles was very difficult. He had to work in terrible conditions.

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First steps into a writing career. After his father’s returning from prison, Charles began his studies at school and then found a job. He quickly rose in his carrier, studied short hand writing and became a reporter of debates. In 1833 he wrote essays of London Life under the pen name “Boz”. In 1836 he married and the following year the first of his ten children was born.

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“A Christmas Carol” was written in a six-week period in 1843 before Christmas, it was the most successful novel. It is about some strange, mean, angry man who did not like holidays! And once three ghosts came to him! It was very frightening. But these ghosts were real “teachers” for him.

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They showed him his past life, his today’s life and his future. It was terrible! Scrooge was in shock. Having seen himself from another point of view, with different eyes, he was scared. Nevertheless he could do the greatest thing-he changed himself!

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The main characters Scrooge Fred Scrooge and ghost Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

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My attitude to the characters has been changing during my reading. I hate Scrooge at the beginning of the book and I like him at the end, because he could understand his “teachers” and changed. The main problem is that all people can make mistakes but some of them don’t understand it forever, and others can correct the situation, change themselves. Every person has his own “ghosts”! But the most difficult work is to see it and to work in order to be able to say him: “Goodbye”. Last but not least I see the problem of not having a family. It is necessary to have it for every person. Scrooge shows us the terrible loneliness and Bob Cratchit is just the opposite! He is not rich but he is happy!   Problem and my attitude to them

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In conclusion I highly recommend you “A Christmas Carol” which is a truly magnificent tale! I literally couldn’t put it down!

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