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Tom's Diner


Tom's diner

Without music

With music



I am sitting in the morning 
At the diner on the corner 
I am waiting at the counter 
For the man to pour the coffee 

And he fills it only halfway 
And before I even argue 
He is looking out the window 
At somebody coming in 

`It is always nice to see you` 
Says the man behind the counter 
To the woman who has come in 
She is shaking her umbrella 

And I look the other way 
As they are kissing their hellos 
I`m pretending not to see them 
Instead I pour the milk 

I open up the paper 
There`s a story of an actor 
Who had died while he was drinking 
It was no one I had heard of 

And I`m turning to the horoscope 
And looking for the funnies 
When I`m feeling someone watching me 
And so I raise my head 

There`s a woman on the outside 
Looking inside does she see me? 
No she does not really see me 
Cause she sees her own reflection 

And I`m trying not to notice 
That she`s hitching up her skirt 
And while she`s straightening her stockings 
Her hair is getting wet 

Oh, this rain it will continue 
Through the morning as I`m listening 
To the bells of the cathedral 
I am thinking of your voice... 

And of the midnight picnic 
Once upon a time 
Before the rain began... 
I finish up my coffee 
It`s time to catch the train


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