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Episode 1. At the airport. Describing people.
Episode 1:At the airport
You can listen to this episode: choose from the list in the left block "FLATMATES"

Helen:What does Michal look like?
Tim:Well, he's tall and well built. He's got brown eyes and a shaved head.
Helen:Is he handsome?
Tim:Of course he is! He's my cousin.
Helen:And what's he like? Is he like you too?
Tim:No, he's quite shy really.
Helen:Oh look! Is that him?
Tim:Yeah! Michal! Michal! He's crying. I wonder what's wrong.

Describing People
To talk about people's appearance or personality you can use:
be + adjective

Verb: To be + Adjective

I'm slim
He's well-built
She's matronly
You're handsome
We're extroverted
They're shy

To talk about physical characteristics you can use:
have got + (adjective) + noun

Verb: Have got (Adjective) + Noun

I've got hazel eyes
He's got a shaved head
She's got gorgeous black hair
You've got a five o'clock shadow
We've got green eyes
They've got long legs

Some adjectives have a negative connotation (or feeling) and some are more neutral. When we speak about negatine we use:
tends to/can  + be + (adjective)  

Negative / Neutral

fat plump or large
skinny slim
spinster single

To ask about someone's appearance you can use:
do + look like?

Verb: To do
Look like?
What do I look like?
        do you
        does he / she / it
        do they

To ask about someone's personality you can use:
be + like?

Verb: To be Like?

What am I like?
        are you
        is he / she / it
        are we
        are they



a five o'clock shadow:
is a kind of beard or moustache (but not a full beard or moustache) that a man gets if he doesn't shave for a day or two

matronly (adj):
an older woman who is plump

bald (adj):
a person with no hair. A person can have a shaved head if s/he is bald or if s/he has hair but chooses to shave it off

extroverted (adj):
a confident person who enjoys being with other people
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