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A8-A14. Sport. Multiple matching.

Listening task 3
: multiple matching
A8-A14: Sport.
Michugina: test 07-3

 - Tell us how you got into skiing?
 - Well, my family is all skiers, my parents and grandparents, and it was just something we all started doing. It started when I was about 5 and spent all that time with my family. I live close to the ski resorts so when I was old enough to go alone, I started going after school with my friends and I got into that.

How many days out of the year do you think you spend on skis? Every year I am going to count, but I never do, so I don't know. I spend a lot. This year was a little less because I've been injured. This year I am up here where I live till July, so I spend a lot of days on snow.

 - What are some of the most memorable injuries that you've had?

 - I’m, well, I think the most memorable will be what I am going through now, and that would be I broke my back, and so I have been out of the scene for, I don't know, two and a half months now and it's just been so hard. Urn, and just having a broken back is a pain and you can't do everything you want to do, but, uh, I've broken ribs so that's probably another one because it was all in the same area. You've got to expect some of the worst things to happen if you are in sport, for sure.

 - Now, when you're about to start in a toumament, or even when you're going to try a new jump, do you ever have that split-second of fear?

 - Oh yeah, for sure! But I think it's good. Every new jump or first time you're trying it, you feel scared, and I like that. I like getting that fear and not knowing and then going for it and accomplishing it. Or maybe you fall and you get up and try it again, but eventually it's such a great feeling that when you do get it, it makes you just want to keep going until you do get it, so yes. All the time I get that feeling, for sure.

 - So how do you prepare yourself psychologically for a competition?

 - Um, I like being around my friends and laughing and just having a good time and playing around and not taking it too seriously. I always like listening to music, so music makes me want to dance, the thing that I like best. And if I'm having a good time and laughing with my friends and dancing at the same time, then that's when I know I'm going to do really well.

 - What do you like to do in your free time?

 - I don't know, I like doing everything and like all kinds of sports, from surfing and skateboarding a bit and mountain biking. I just haven't quite got back into that yet, but summer's coming so it'll be good pretty soon to do that stuff. I like sewing and cooking. And I've been into gardening lately because it's really nice! It's been taking up all my free time these days. Urn, I love shopping of course.

 - Okay, so you have grown up on skis, but have you ever tried snowboarding?

 - Oh yes! I love snowboarding! Because I end up doing a lot of events with the snowboarders, and so we always switch because they want to ski and I want to snowboard. I love it. I've been on skis all my life, so it's totally different. I'm not worried about falling, I almost want to fall just trying things!

 - Is there anything outside of skiing that you haven't done yet but you would like to do?

 - Um, yes, for sure, I would love to become a rock star! I'm a really great singer when I'm in my car alone and the music is really loud, so I think that would be pretty fun. But I don't see that happening! I don't know, I just want to keep having fun at whatever I am doing and there are a lot of dreams that I'd like to accomplish, but a lot of dreams that are distant, and I don't know, we'll see what happens.

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