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A8-A14. Сulture. An interview with a famous singer.

Listening task 3
: multiple matching
A8-A14: Culture. An interview with a famous singer.
Michugina: test 08-3

 - Some people described you as very shy. Where does that shyness come from?
 - I can't say I'm shy anymore, I'm just quiet and calm and I like to observe; when I am not working I like to just blend in. I corne out of my shell when I'm on the stage. Now I'm learn ing in films that I can do the same thing with different charac¬ters.

 - Do you ever get tired of putting on your image in public?

 - I do enjoy dressing up and I enjoy photo shqots and videos. It's a place where I can live out a fantasy. But really when I'm at home, I'm the complete opposite. I like high heels but I don't wear diamonds or make-up when I'm off— I don't walk around dressed in pink diamonds every day.

 - Who inspires you as an actress?

 - I would have to say Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross and some other singers. They were singers and they were successful and did not have to act, financially or for any other reasons, but they did because they wanted to and they «ijved it and were talented and gifted at it. I don't think there's anything wrong with combining music and film. I think it's great when you're able to act and sing. But I dp want to do a movie where I'm not a singer.

 - Are you taking acting classes?

 - I've been working with someone and it's going good. I've learned so much about myself. I've learned you have to pull from things and think about things that I never really thought about. I'm sure it's definitely going to also inspire me to write different songs and different types of music.

 - What's the best advice in your career you ever got?

 - It was about the power of "No". That helped me so much, especially when trying to balance everything and so I have to learn how to say no when I don't like something. That's a very hard thing to do because I don't like to disappoint people and I work hard, but that has also been very helpful to me when I don't feel passionate about something — saying no and meaning it.

 - How do you like having a solo singing career?

 - I do like it because I'm able to commit six months to something other than music without feeling guilty because other people's lives become affected by my life — even though it's very scary. It's harder to make decisions by myself and I have to really listen to my instincts a lot more, but it's great.

 - What is it like to be a celebrity?

 - The hardest thing is balance because I have a perfume line, my mother and I have a clothing line, I have my contract, I have so many things! I still have a solo career, acting, albums. Then on top of everything, I approve everything — every button in my clothing line, every photograph, every interview... And then I have a life. I have a family, and it's hard to balance but it is very stimulating.

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