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B1: Film reviews. Multiple Matching.
Listening task B1:  Multiple Matching.
Film Reviews.
Michugina T03-B1

You will hear the reviews of different films. This is what people say about their recent film experience.    

Speaker l
The Girl tells the story of Anita, an 11-year-old girl from Spain whose parents' marriage is in great difficulty. She's therefore been dumped, uncomprehending, in an English boarding school.
She befriends three other girls with whom she shares a dorm, and together they try to get over all their life difficulties.

Speaker 2
A Place of Safety tells about Lilly Valentine, an attractive redhead, a solicitor with a heart of gold and a passion for chocolate, ice-cream and macaroni cheese. She is doing well on the career ladder, having been promoted from representing children on legal aid into a more mainstream role, enroute for a possible partnership with her Luton firm. But suddenly her life changes.

Speaker 3 
Skin and Bones starts grippingly and chillingly with the story of how Julia, visiting the village in Sussex where her parents recently died, runs down to the post office for a few supplies, to find herself in the middle of a massacre. A gunman is rampaging through the tiny hamlet, indiscriminately shooting people. Julia narrowly escapes — or so she thinks.

Speaker 4
The description and dissection of a failing marriage that takes up the first scenes of Betrayal is one of the most realistic and gripping accounts I have seen of how happy expectations gradually wither into the ashes of hard work, obligations, indifference and exhaustion. Eva and Henrik seem to have it all: he's a freelance writer, she's a successful businesswoman.

Speaker 5

Shadow opens with the discovery of a four-year-old boy who has been abandoned in a park. The boy, Kristoffer, is brought up by foster parents, and when an adult becomes an addict and drifter. The only thing that connects him with his forgotten childhood is his receipt of money every month until he is 18 — a small amount but sufficient to fund his dissolute lifestyle.
Speaker 6
The Marrying Game gives a picture of Matt Remington, an Australian entrepreneur, who had just informed Kirra that he agreed to save her parents' corporation from bankruptcy — but only if she married him! Never mind that she was already engaged to another man. Kirra declared that his plan was nothing but a plan to humiliate her. She knew he believed wrongly that she fancied him.

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