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B1: Films. Multiple Matching

Listening task B1:  Multiple Matching.
Michugina T04-B1

Listen to the impressions of six people about the films they have seen recently.

Speaker 1

I knew literally nothing about this film. But it has received strong votes on Odeon's website, making me give it a view on IMDB. Seems to be a standardish psychological WTF is going on, then there is a big twist at the end. But apparently the twist is good.

Speaker 2

I quite like the genre, but a couple of times I struggled to place myself into that mindset to accept flying people and super human ninjas and stuff. I really liked Crouching Tiger, House of Flying Daggers but they didn't rate much at all.

Speaker 3
I saw it 3 weeks or so back when it first came out over here and I loved it — though I'm sure I'll never be able to view it the same following the recent South Park. It was my first Imax Experience and I want to see it again before it comes off the screen.

Speaker 4
The thing is nothing standing out for me. I'm flying solo as I'm in town and with a friend working there I get a freebie ticket. If it's really bad, I've not really lost out, but at the same time I'd prefer to give a miss to anything I can just watch on DVD in a few months and not feel I've missed anything.

Speaker 5
OK, I am Brave. I saw Wild Hogs and I enjoyed it! The family and I went to the nearest theatre to us, the beautiful Seabecks Pizza and Movies. They are also the nearest pizzeria to us. This place is great. An old building, a pizza place with all of three tables in the front of the movie house. They have old donated couches lined up along both sides of the theatre and the old wooden chairs down the centre of the theatre. Deer, antelope and caribou heads on the walls along with a couple of fish all decorated with little Christmas lights. You can order a couple of pizzas and sodas, pile into a couch and enjoy a movie. If only they had beer there!

Speaker 6

Anyway, Wild Hogs was fun. No, it was not high browed but the kids liked it and so did I. It was funny and made me laugh. The guy who plays Dr Cox in Scrubs was in it and he played the part of a motorcycle cop that let just say got the wrong idea about the "gang". Cracked me up! If you liked Blades of Glory you Will likely enjoy Wild Hogs.

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