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Healthy living. Здоровый образ жизни
Healthy Living.
Task 1 (p. 98)

     I am going to talk about healthy living. A healthy lifestyle involves the mind, the body and the emotions.When these are in balance we can say we are healthy. The factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are diet, exercise, positive thinking and the environment. Fresh air, a healthy diet and exercise are the basic requirements and underpin everything else. It is easier to have a positive frame of mind if the body is fit and healthy and this in turn contributes to our emotional wellbeing. If we are taught the basics of staying healthy when we are children, it is easier to look after our health when we are grown up.

     To start with, a balanced diet means having at least five
portions of fruit and vegetables daily as well as whole grains.We also need to supply our bodies with a source of protein such as meat, fish or eggs on a regular basis. People on a vegetarian diet need to eat soya products, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds to ensure they have sufficient protein.

     Exercise keeps the heart healthy which in turn means a
good circulation of blood to the muscles and organs of the body. Exercise helps the body get rid of toxins and keeps the brain healthy too.When we exercise certain hormones are released that make us feel good, these are called endorphins.

     Our environment can also affect our health. If we breath
polluted air, our bodies are put under stress. Clean air is important to human beings and it is for this reason that we must all contribute to protecting our environment by reducing carbon emissions.When we are in a clean, bright environment we feel good.We should therefore take care of our immediate environment by keeping it clean and attractive.

     Every person can do something to
help contribute to healthy living, it just takes a little effort but the rewards are great.
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