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SPORT: Extreme Sports

Give a talk on extreem sports.
Remember to discuss:

  • what the possible benefits of extreme sports are
  • what the possible dangers are, with examples
  • if you would like to do extreem sports and why
  • what you think about extreme sports compared to other sports

     I’m going to talk about extreme sports and what the possible benefits and dangers are of participating in such sports. I will also express my personal opinion about extreme sports compared to other sports.

     Extreme sports include activities such as snowboarding, hang gliding and ice climbing. They are usually done by individuals although white water rafting is an extreme sport that involves team effort. All extreme sports involve a high level of danger. The risk involved is controlled by the skill the person has and this is achieved through experience.

     One of the benefits of extreme sports is that they bring new experiences. For example, they add excitement and adventure to your life.They are challenging because the participants compete against forces of nature and in doing so they experience an adrenaline rush. People also say that they like the feeling of being daring.They get a strong sense of freedom doing these sports, because overcoming the challenges is liberating. Clearly they are a great form of exercise and they can help you get fit too.

     However, although extreme sports provide thrills, they can also be dangerous. The risk of injury is very high if athletes lose control. It is true, of course, that people can be quite badly injured just playing a friendly game of football. Injuries such as broken legs are not uncommon, but the risks involved with extreme sports are far greater. If you lose control of a hang glider and crash, it is very likely that you would break bones, injure your back or even get concussion. Falling from a great height, I think you would be very lucky indeed to escape serious injury.

     Personally, I’d prefer not to do extreme sports, in spite of the fact that they look very exciting. Although I admire what some of these people do, I’m not very keen on the idea of doing something that is dangerous and carries a high risk of serious injury. I’d rather keep my feet on the ground and jump to put a ball in the basket along with my team. I prefer sport that has a set of rules to ensure the safety of the players. I think I will leave others to enjoy the challenge and risk of extreme sports.

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