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NEW TECHNOLOGY: Modern Technology

Give a talk on technology.
Remember to discuss:
  • whether life was more difficult without modern technology, why
  • what technology will give us in the future
  • why some people are against new technology
  • whether you are a fan of modern technology, why

     It goes without saying that life was much more difficult before technology had developed as much as it has now. When it took two weeks for a letter to reach Australia, you couldn't keep in touch with people easily. Or just travelling from your home to another town a few kilometres away could take hours. And if you didn't live in a big city, you didn't have much information because there was no television or the Internet.

     We have seen major technological advances over the last twenty years and the next years or so are going to be equally exciting. I believe that in the not-too-distant future, we won't have to carry our mobile phones around but will implant them somewhere in the body - maybe in our teeth or in our shoulders. I think that we won't have cash or credit cards any longer. It will mainly be digital money. And supermarkets will probably have iris recognition systems, so the money for our groceries will automatically be transferred from your bank account into the supermarket's bank account as you're standing at the checkout. Many people say it's science fiction but I think it's our future. Soon we'll all have more time for our hobbies and interests because robots will do all the work for us! I'm sure that new technology will change our lives for the better.

     However, we must admit, that our technological progress has its drawbacks. For example, cars pollute our atmosphere. There is a lot of radiation from TVs, computers, mobiles and other electronic devices. Moreover, technology makes us lazy! Many teenagers would rather spend their free time in front of their computer than meet their friends. As a result, they don't have enough exercise and are getting fat. That's not healthy at all!

     As for me, I'm a fan of modern technology. Now with computers and e-mail we never have to lose contact with anyone. We can travel from one place to another quickly and safely. What is more, because of television, everyone has information about the world around them. I can't imagine my life without technology. Of course, we've got things like a TV, a video player, a computer and different kitchen appliances such as a microwave oven and a dishwasher. But most of all I enjoy my new mobile because now I can always stay in touch. I never go anywhere without it! I use it all the time and send about twenty text messages every day! To sum up, I want to say that technology has definitely made our lives easier and we couldn't live without it!


  1. Can you imagine your life without modern technology?
  2. Does technology make our life easier?
  3. Do you think we rely too much on technology?
  4. Would you like to be an inventor? Why? What kind of things would you invent?
  5. What technological advances can you see happening in your life?
  6. How do you think the world will change over the next fifty years?

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