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Give a talk on the Internet.
Remember to discuss:
  • what opportunities the Internet offers to the people
  • why the possibilities of the Internet may seem frightening
  • whether people will study on-line in the future, why
  • which way of using the Internet you prefer, why

     Just ten years ago, very few people heard about the Internet. Now it is nearly as common and useful as the telephone. On the one hand, the development of the Internet has brought new opportunities to many people. Its users can already buy books, find out about holiday offers, book tickets and get all sort of information from the Internet. Moreover, with the Internet, the place where you live may become less important than who you are and what you can do. So, in the future, we'll be able to find a job in any part of the world. The Internet will also allow a lot of talented people to show the world their achievements. I also believe that in future we'll get entertainment from the Net and that television will probably disappear. The postal service may also disappear with the increasing use of e-mail. As more and more people use the Internet, as it becomes cheaper and faster and easier to use, there will be new things on the Internet that we cannot imagine today.

     But on the other hand, the possibilities of the Internet may seem frightening. Some people also argue that the Internet is dangerous because it is addictive. I agree with them because lots of people, and especially teenagers, spend hours chatting or playing games on-line and neglect their duties. Another worry is the activities of cybercriminals. Most of the world's money is stored in computers and clever hackers are likely to use computers and the Internet, not guns, to steal it. Besides, as the Internet becomes increasingly important to goverments, it also becomes a stage for people who oppose them. The information wars of the future may be fought on Web sites. What's more, in the future, cyberterrorists may attack the world's computers, cause chaos, and make planes and trains crash.

     Speaking about the future of studying on-line, we can notice that its education opporunities have already exploded over the past few years, with many accredited and reputable programs and I think that its popularity is clearly going to grow because on-line learning have a lot of advantages. To begin with, you may study wherever you like as long as you have a computer with the Internet connection. In addition, with no set class times, you can decide yourself when to complete your assignments.More than that, with on-line education you can study in any college of the world with no relocation costs. However, we'll still need a teacher to guide us through the ocean of knowledge.

     As for me, I use the Internet mainly for getting information and communication with friends. For me the Internet has created a new world of more information and more communication. I prefer using an instant messenger to sending e-mails or text messages as it's more like a real conversation. Almost all my friends have microphones and webcams so we can see as well as hear each other. What I like most is that I can carry on surfing the Net or playing games while chatting. And I don't have to pay extra for the conversation. W must admit that despite the criticisms by some people and the fears of the others, the Internet seems to have changed our world for the better and we must try to make the best use of it.


  1. When did the Internet appear in Russia?
  2. Do many people use the Internet nowadays? What for?
  3. What does the Internet allow us to do?
  4. Do you think the Internet can help students? How?
  5. Does the Internet save our time?
  6. What are the disadvantages of the Internet?
  7. How do you think the Internet will change our future?
  8. Do you use the Internet? How?
  9. What is your personal attitude towards the Internet?

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