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The Role of Leisure Activities in People's Lives

Give a talk on the role of leisure activities in people's lives.
Remember t
o discuss:
  • why having a hobby or playing a sport is healthy
  • the importance of finding time to relax and socialise with others
  • how an interest/hobby such as playing a musical instrument or reading books can be educational
  • what leisure activities you enjoy doing and why

You will have to talk for 1.5-2 minutes. The examiner will listen untilnyou have finished. Then he/she will ask you some questions.

Extra questions:

  1. What role does music play in people's lives?
  2. Why is going to the cinema a popular activity?
  3. Should sport be compulsory at school? Why? Why not?
  4. Can mass entertainment be educational?
  5. If you had more free time what would be the best thing to do with it?
  6. Do you have enough free time these days? Why? Why not?

EXAMPLE (Suggested Answer)

     I’m going to talk about the role of leisure activities in people’s lives. Most people’s lives are full of personal challenges. These vary from person to person according to their circumstances but everyone feels stress at some time.To balance this, we need to spend time on leisure activities which help us relax. Doctors say that when we relax, our bodies can repair any damage the stress causes.

     Leisure activities such as team sports or clubs give us the opportunity to spend time with other people who share the same interest.Such activities bring people together and teach us how to work together, for example, to achieve a common goal. We all need the support and friendship of other people and it is important to find time to develop our friendships and spend time with other people. If we do not do this we can become lonely and feel isolated.

     Leisure activities are not only a good way to socialise but they can also be educational; for example learning to play a musical instrument or a craft. Learning how to do it is interesting and can be fun and as we become more skilful we enjoy a sense of achievement. A skill can always be improved and we can enjoy the pleasure of making something or playing music for ourselves and for others too.

     (I enjoy swimming and playing badminton, they keep me fit and make me feel full of energy. I also enjoy reading as it is a great way to lose myself in another world and forget about my problems. A good film also does the same and if I have been studying a lot I find watching  film very relaxing.)

     (I enjoy singing. My parents always said I was born to be a singer or a musician. They said that even I was in nappies, I wasn't happy unless I was singing or humming or listening to a song. My first memory is of me singing at the concert in the kindergarten. And my first real sense of achievement I felt when I won a first prise at the musical festival ... , since then my whole life has revolved around singing. Of course, I have to put all my energy into my rehearsals and devote a lot of time to this, as I know it's not easy to become a success in the world of entertainment.)

Extra Questions (Suggested Answers)

• Music helps people relax. It can help people change their mood. People can dance to music too.

• Going to the cinema is a popular activity because it is like travelling to another place.The big screen totally involves the audience in the story being told.

• Sport should be compulsory at school because children need to be taught how to stay fit and have the opportunity to try different sports.That way they can choose an activity that they enjoy and continue it as a leisure activity and to stay fit and healthy.

• Mass entertainment can be educational. There are many informative documentaries on television for example, from which we can learn so much about the world.

• If I had more free time, the best thing to do with it would be to learn to play the guitar, which is something I would like to do.

• I don’t think I have enough free time these days because I have to study hard.

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