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Give a talk on sport.
Remember to discuss:
  • what kind of sports are popular with people, why
  • how important sport is to your age group, why
  • whether it is easy to do sports in your area, why
  • what sports you enjoy doing, why

     I’m going to talk about sports, including which sports are the most popular and why they are important to people. I will also talk about how easy it is to participate in sports in my area and which sports I particularly enjoy.

     In my opinion, the most popular sports worldwide are probably football and basketball. Football is played all over the world by all sorts of people. The main advantage of football is that all you require is a ball. Basketball can also be practised anywhere, although you do need hoops to score points. They are both team games and so playing them is a social experience as well as good exercise. In addition, both of these sports are watched by millions of fans every week, both at matches or on the television.

     Sports are very important to my age group because many of us play for our school and college teams and we can spend time with our friends. Unfortunately, in my area the facilities for playing sports are not very good. In the summer, we can play outside but during the winter months we have to use the local sports centre and it is always very busy. The council is building a new sports hall at the moment, but it will not be finished for another couple of years.

     Personally, I enjoy participating in many different sports. My favourites are football, swimming and tennis. I like to play football with my friends most evenings because it is a fun way to spend time together. I swim regularly and it keeps me very fit. I enjoy playing tennis as I can play with my father or my brother.

     To sum up, sport is a very important part of my life, and I hope that I will continue to play sports for many years.

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