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Task2. What film would you like to see on TV this evening. TASK
You are discussing what film you would like to see in the evening. These are your ideas about each option:

a cartoon
  • cartoons are usually funny and amusing
  • modern cartoons are like films with exciting plots and unusual characters
  • computer graphics makes them really colourful
  • cartoons are for little kids; I'm fed up with silly cartoons
  • their plots are rather simple and predictable
a thriller
  • thrillers are never boring and the action in them never stops
  • thrillers are usually full of special effects
  • thrillers are full of violence and blood
a love story
  • films about love usually have happy endings
  • the actors and actresses are always so beautiful
  • love stories are very boring
  • I've seen the trailer of this film on the Internet, it's a tragedy about unhappy love
a detective film
  • a detective film usually has a sophisticated story line
  • there is always suspense up to the very end
  • this film is psychological
  • the actor who stars in this film is really talented so his acting should be brilliant
  • most detective films have rather predictable plots. We can understand who the criminal is
  • some detective films are really frightening

Образец диалога С4: What film would you like to see on TV this evening?

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