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Task2. What film would you like to see on TV this evening. EXAMPLE

  • We are absolutely free this evening. Why don't we go to the cinema and watch some film?
  • It's a good idea! I haven't been there for ages. Do you know what's on?
  • Let me see. We've got a wide choice of options: a cartoon, a thriller, a love story or a detective film. What would you prefer?
  • I'd rather watch a cartoon. To my mind, cartoons are usually funny and amusing. I enjoy watching them because they just bring out a child in me. I suppose it could be a good way for us to relax after a hard working day at school. Do you agree with me?
  • Oh no! Actually I feel quite strongly that cartoons are for little kids. I'm fed up with silly cartoons like "Tom and Jerry". Don't you think so?
  • I can't agree with you! Modern cartoons are like films with exciting plots and unusual characters. And computer graphics makes them really colourful. Don't you agree?
  • I wouldn't say that. Of course, there are some really fascinating cartoons but on the whole their plots are rather simple and predictable. As for me, I would prefer to watch a thriller. Thrillers are never boring and the action in them never stops. Their story lines are full of surprises and suspence. I'm especially captivated by characters who go through dangers to complete their mission. What do you think of it"
  • It's not a bad idea! Thrillers are usually very exciting and full of special effects. However, they are also full of violence and blood. I'm afraid I won't sleep well after watching it. I think we'd better watch a love story. I enjoy films about love because they usually have happy endings. And the actors and actresses are always so beautiful! What if we go and watch a love story?
  • Oh no! Not exactly! I hate love stories. They are very boring! Besides, I've seen the trailer of this film on the Internet. It's a tragedy about unhappy love. I don't think that's such a good idea because we have enough problems in our everyday lives so we should relax and watch something exciting. What about a detective film?
  • Well, it's possible. I am keen on detectives because of their sophisticated story lines. There is always suspense up to the very end. But some films are really frightening, aren't they?
  • Yes, they are but not in this case. This one is a psychological film. The plot centres on the deductive ability of the detective as he tries to unravel the crime by piecing together clues and circumstances. And the actor who stars in this film is really talented so his acting should be brilliant. As I can predict, it's rather fascinating. Let's decide about watching a detective, shall we?
  • It sounds interesting. If it's not too violent, let's go and see it. I suppose it could be the best choice for us.
  • I'm with you there. 

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