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Task 1. The Best Source of Getting Information about the World. EXAMPLE
  • What do you think is the best way of getting information about the world?
  • It is a very difficult question. Perhaps, the best way to learn about the world is reading newspapers. They are packed with the latest news, information and facts and help us to be in the know of everything. Besides, they usually provide us with extra details, commentaries and background information. What is more, newspapers cater for a variety of political views, interests and levels of education so you can choose a newspaper according to your interests.
  • Actually, I don't like reading very much. It takes so much time. And newspapers ... They make my hands dirty and the print is so small! My eyes usually get so tired.
  • But agree that newspapers provide us with reliable information. And if you are tired, you can put it down and turn to it later.
  • You are right. Still, I prefer the radio. It's good to listen to the radio in a car, or when you do something about the house. You can tune into all kinds of stations: pop or classical music, news, sport or foreign radio stations so you can keep up-to-date with the news. Besides, radio has fresher news than newspapers. They are informed every half-hour.
  • I don't agree with you. Radio news items are very short and you have to believe the presenter's  opinion because you don't have enough information. Moreover, the news items on the radio are also recorded beforehand so they are not always fresh. What is more, sometimes it's difficult to find a necessary radio station.
  • What about a TV then? It's a wonderful source of information. When you need immediate information about the latest world events, you switch the TV on. And, of course, I like TV news because I can see everything with my own eyes. Television is a reflection of the modern world and it allows me to follow the events in faraway countries without visiting them.
  • I can't but agree with you. There are hundreds of various programmes on TV that keep you informed about the rest of the world. And also, without the television, I would not be able to watch extraordinary animals and to learn about their life and habits. However, television has certain disadvantages.
  • What disadvantages?
  • For example, they usually show the same news on all channels. And if I want to get some news, I have to wait until the news programme is on. In addition, you can't get information about everything on TV.
  • Well, the same can be said about newspapers and the radio. I think there is no source of information without any drawbacks.
  • We live in a multimedia society. Let's take advantages of it and learn everything from our computers.
  • But how can we get information from computers?
  • Haven't you heard about the Internet? It has become another important source of information which allows you to learn about almost everything. It's much easier to surf the Internet than to go to the library and find the necessary book or a magazine. All the latest information is available to you in your home at any hour of the day and night. You don't have to wait for news programmes to be in the know of everything.
  • But you have to pay for the Internet! Isn't it very expensive?
  • We also have to pay for newspapers, radio and television. With the development of new technology the Net is as expensive as all other sources of information.
  • But we can't see everything with our own eyes. Besides, computers affect our eyes.
  • Not exactly. The Net allows you to watch all TV programmes. Moreover, it has additional video films on different topics. As for our eyesight, I can say that modern computer screens have no radiation.
  • Perhaps, you are right. Computers have changed our life for the better. So why shouldn't we make them work to our advantage?
  • I completely agree with you. It goes without saying that the Internet has become the best source of information nowadays.

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