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Card #1a. About Yourself.
You are going to spend a month with an American or British family. What do you think will be interesting for your host family to learn about you?
     Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Alexander, Alex for short. I live in Moscow. I’m a student of the 9th grade. We are a family of four: my mother, my father, my elder brother and me. We live in a block of flats on the 11th floor. There are three rooms in our flat and we have all modern conveniences. I share a room with my elder brother. My brother is a student of Moscow University. We are close friends. I discuss everything with him and we don’t have any secrets from each other. We get on very well. Sometimes I even borrow his clothes and he never gets annoyed. We don’t feel competitive, because we have different interests. I’m more academic and he’s more artistic. But we are both fond of sport very much. We both go to the swimming pool twice a week. It helps us to keep fit, it gives us good stamina, and it’s good for our hearts and lungs. We hardly ever quarrel or fight. My brother never sees me as being in the way. I think I’m quite easy-going. I’m similar in personality to my mother. She is always very friendly to all, although she can be quite critical of people. I like to be friendly to the people around me, and I don’t normally like to let my bad moods and anger inside me, come out and affect other people.
     I don’t know if I’m particularly obsessive. I like to do different things every day. I am fond of collecting different things. One day I collect toy cars, another day I want to collect badges. But most of all I prefer collecting stamps because it’s a family hobby. You can learn a tremendous amount through stamps, especially about history. Stamps are a great way to bring history alive. All the members of my family collect stamps and the theme of our collection is history. It is a long-lasting hobby and who knows – in 20 years or so it may have become an impressive collection that can be appreciated and enjoyed by my own children too.
     I have grandparents, my mother’s parents. They don’t live with us; but I often visit them. They live a very routine life, but they like it. I can’t put my finger on it, exactly, but there is some atmosphere in their house like nothing has changed for twenty years. My parents are doctors and they work in the hospital. They are very giving, caring persons, and always consider those around them. They work very hard in their hospital and really put all their energy in their work. They are very much in love, even after years of being married and always caring for each other. My parents have warm, friendly eyes and always express a spirit of goodwill towards people. I love my parents very much and my ambition is to be a doctor too, because I want to help people if they have some problems with their health. I originally became interested in medicine during my 9th grade, when I realized that my skills and my traits would serve me well in my future career. Besides I’m good at Chemistry, Biology and History – they are my favourite subjects. I’m not very good at English, but I understand that it is one of the most important subjects now, and I try my best to improve it.
     We have a pet. It’s a dog. Her name is Sunny. Her mother is a Scotch Shepherd dog. I am never lonely with my pet. She is a great favourite with everyone in our family. All people admire her. She wears a good collar with her name on it. She especially likes morning walks with my father.
     My native city is Moscow. Many people associate Moscow with the Kremlin and Red Square as the heart of the city. It is really the oldest historical and architectural centre of Moscow and my favourite place in Moscow, because it’s connected with the history of my country. Nowadays the Moscow Kremlin, with all the beauty of the palaces and cathedrals, is a wonderful sight. All these cathedrals have been converted into museums. Ivan the Terrible Bell Tower, one of the most remarkable structures of the 16th century, rises in the centre of the Kremlin. It unites all the Kremlin Cathedrals into a majestic ensemble. One of the well-known Kremlin museums is the Armoury Chamber. It was built in 1851. The famous golden cap of Monomach, the first Russian imperial crown of Catherine II made of silver, and many other precious historical items are exhibited there. So when you come to my native city, I’ll show you all the interesting and amazing sights of it.
1. Where and when were you born?
2. How old are you now?
3. What can you tell us about your flat?
4. What is your hobby?
5. What is your ambition?
6. What can you tell us about your nearest and dearest?
7. What are your parents?
8. What subjects are you good at?
9. What are your favourite subjects at school?
10. What do you know about the historical places of Moscow?
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