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Card #1b. About Yourself.
You are going to spend a month with an American or British family. What do you think will be interesting for your host family to learn about you?

Before I start speaking about my family, let me introduce myself. My name is Lena Petrova. I was born in 1997. My home town is Lyubertsi. Now I am 14. I am the student of the 9th form. Everybody knows it's rather difficult to tell someone's biography when you are only 14. But I'll try. First of all, I want to say that I am an ordinary schoolgirl. People say I am a pretty girl. I am slim and tall. I go in for sports because it's my goal to have a very good figure. My hair is long and fair. The eyes are blue. I have a snub nose and full lips. Certainly I have a lot of interests such as sport, dancing and a very popular one, I mean the computer. I finished training courses in computer and I suppose it will help me to study at the University. I took after my father in character that's why I'd like to start telling you about my family with my father.

     He is 42. He works at the factory as the works manager. He graduated from the Moscow University. He is generous and moderate, though resolute. He's tactful. He is always busy but he often finds some spare time to spend it in the swimming pool with my brother and me, playing tennis in summer and hockey in winter. I guess, that's why he looks both athletic and distinguished. To tell the truth, I haven't many opportunities to see him very often.

     As for my mother I am very happy to look like her because she is a beautiful woman. She doesn't look her age. She always says, "A woman is as old as she looks". She is a doctor. She works at the hospital. Her colleagues say that my mum is very efficient and qualified, very sociable but not talkative and has good manners. That's true.

     Then, I have an elder brother. Of course, I love him very much. he is a nice guy, very honest. He is a student. Sometimes it seems to me my brother is a bit stubborn. Nevertheless, he is pleasant to deal with. He looks like my father. He is handsome, neither slim nor stout. He wears a beard and moustache. I hate this and I'm going to present him with a new and expensive shaving cream for his birthday. His hair is dark and his eyes are brown. He has a straight nose like my dad and thin lips. He isn't married yet.

     And finally my grandma. Her name is Elena, too. I took my name after my grandmother. She is a pleasant-looking woman in her sixtieth, with soft brown hair and warm dark brown eyes. She is kind and gentle, but she manages our house very well. My mother is, of course, a clever woman, but a little unpractical, and she needs my granny's advice, because my grandmother, on the other hand, is very practical and full of common sense.

     That's is a story of my family. We all live together in a four-room flat. We quarrel very seldom, but sometimes it happens. We love each other and try to live a happy life.

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