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Ecological problems

Ecological problems

The Earth is the only planet in the solar system where there is life. If you look down at the Earth from a plane you will see how wonderful our planet is. You will see blue seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, high snow-capped mountains, green forests and fields. For centuries man lived in harmony with nature until industrialization.

Nowadays every year the world industry pollutes the atmosphere with millions of tons of dust and other harmful substances. The seas and rivers are poisoned with industrial waste and chemicals. People who live in big cities are badly affected by exhaust fumes.

Among the most urgent problems are the ozone layer, acid rains, global warming, toxic air, water and soil pollution, and deforestation, threat to some flora and fauna representatives and so on.

One of the most important pollution problems is water pollution. Many sea birds and fish die because of the polluted water. Others are getting contaminated. Fishermen catch contaminated fish and people get sick from eating them. Lakes and rivers are becoming polluted, too. Some beaches are dangerous for swimming.

Another important problem is air pollution. Cars and factories pollute the air we breathe and, as a result, people suffer from different illnesses.

Exhaust fumes also destroy the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the dangerous light of the Sun. Aerosols create large “holes” in the ozone layer round the Earth. Burning coal and oil leads to global warming which may bring about a change in the world climate.

The other problem is that our forests are dying from acid rains. Deforestation and destruction of forests, kills animals, destroys their habitats and changes the climate and ecosystem in the world.

Look around! Not all people understand the importance of nature protection. On fine summer days a lot of people go out of towns. They have picnics on the shores of lakes and the banks of rivers or in beautiful forests and they often leave behind a lot of rubbish- plastic bags and bottles, tins and paper. They also return to towns with huge bunches of forest or meadow flowers. Many of these plants are included into the Red Book which contains the names of rare plants and animals. Some of them have become extinct and others are disappearing. If we don’t realize that we are all responsible for what’s happening around us we will never feel secure about the future of the world we live in.

What can be done to protect nature? Environmental disasters can be avoided if people broaden ecological education and every person understands that the beauty of nature is extremely fragile and people must obey the unwritten laws of nature. Governments must take actions against pollution. Air pollution could be reduced if plants and factories use effective filters on chimneys. Green zones around big cities must be protected and extended. Natural resources should be used economically because their stocks are not unlimited.

We ought to remember that our planet is our home too. Let’s treat the nature and the environment, as we treat our own homes. Let’s take care of it and try to correct those things, which we have already spoiled. The nature will be thankful for us, and we will be glad that we take part in the saving of the planet.





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