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Cared #15. To Watch or to Participate?
Some people go in for sports, while others like to watch sports competitions? Which is better: to watch or to participate?
     The modern way of life, when people have little physical activity, use cars instead of walking, watch television for many hours, and work on computers is turning them into legless creatures. Although a lot of people are interested in staying healthy, not many people do very much about it. Only 10 per cent of adults take part in sport more than twice a week.
     The majority of people live in towns and cities, where space for team sports is limited. To keep fit, most people take part in individual sports. They usually go walking, swimming, cycling, or do aerobics. Taking part in all of these sports is informal and casual. Most people just want to relax. If they do aerobics or go swimming, they usually go to the sports centre; but not many people join a sport club.
     Some people argue that sports are not very useful. It takes a lot of energy and time. As a result of going in for sports, people have broken legs and arms and other injuries. Besides, it makes you unhappy when you lose. A lot of people prefer to watch sports competitions rather than take part in sports. Thousands of people go to the stadiums to support their favourite teams and sportsmen. The most popular spectator sports are football, hockey and figure skating. Most of the important competitions are televised, and people enjoy watching sports programmes on TV. They needn’t buy tickets and go to a stadium, especially in cold and rainy weather. But certainly watching sports events and going in for sports are two different things.
     In my opinion, people can’t do without sports. Sports play an important part in our lives. I think sports help us in different ways. First of all, it helps us to stay in good shape, to keep fit and to be healthy. It makes people strong, fast and agile. What is more, sport builds character; it teaches us to compete and practice sportsmanship. It makes us more organised and better disciplined in our daily activities. Besides, it is a good way to meet people and to make new friends.
     Sports are an essential part of our everyday life. To have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body. But to be healthy, it is not necessary to become a professional sportsman. You may go in for sports just for pleasure, when you have free time. Some people jog every morning; some follow fitness classes shown on TV. Young people usually put on their roller-skates and skate in the streets and parks. A lot of young people spend their holidays hiking; it doesn’t cost much, and it is a really good way of getting away from crowds.
     Physical education is an important subject at school. It helps pupils to relax and to keep fit after a hard working day. Each school has sports facilities. A lot of different competitions are usually held at school and a great number of pupils take part in them. That’s why I think sports are so popular in our country.
     The most popular sports in Russia are football and hockey, skating and skiing, track and field and swimming, tennis and basketball. It is not always easy to decide which sport to take up. The aim of all sports training is to improve fitness and skills, and to develop training programmes that are both safe and effective. The important thing, however, is that anyone who is not used to exercising should not do too much at the beginning. Moreover, it is better to do a little regularly than a lot once every two months. Among the be-nefits of regular exercise are a healthier heart, stronger bones, quicker reaction times, and less susceptibility to various illnesses. Scientists believe that if you go in for sport on a regular basis, it could even help you to live longer.
     I enjoy many sports; but best of all I love swimming. I started to learn when I was about seven years old. When I was younger I used to go swimming three or four times a week. Now I have less free time, but a week never goes by without my visiting the pool at least once. Sports help me to work off my extra energy. Swimming is an inexpensive and simple sport. You do not need any complicated equipment. You just need a swimming costume or trunks and perhaps a cap. You can swim in the sea or a river, or you can go to a special swimming pool. I love swimming because it is a very good exercise for the whole body. I would recommend it because it is so convenient to do: you can do it when you like and for as long as you like.
1. What kinds of sports are popular in Russia?
2. Are you for or against sports?
3. What are the advantages of going in for sports?
4. What are the disadvantages of going in for sports?
5. Are sports important to you? Why?
6. Do you go in for sports? Why?
7. What is your favourite kind of sport?
8. Do you like to watch sports competitions? What competitions do you like to watch?
9. What outstanding sportsmen/women do you know?
10. What do you prefer: to take part in sports or to watch them on TV? Why?
11. Why do some people prefer to watch sports competitions and not to go in for sports?
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