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Having a Pet
Having a Pet
     Have you got a pet? Many people are fond of pets. They keep different animals and birds as pets. More often they are dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, parrots and fish. But some people think that having a pet is very tiring!
     Honestly speaking, I haven’t got a pet. But all my life I was dreaming of a pet dog. I like dogs. They are my favorite pets. They are clever, nice and funny. And they are human’s best friends. I think that the person who said that a dog is "man’s best friend” is absolutely right. In my opinion dogs make perfect house pets. And I am trying to persuade my mum to buy me a dog.
     Why? First of all, dogs make wonderful companions. Many dog owners view their pets as family’s members. I think that dogs can feel. The dogs feel love, friendship, enmity. It’s expressed in their eyes and behavior. Dogs feel lonely when the owner goes away, and the dog’s eyes are sad. When the owner comes back the dog runs to him with happy barking. When the dog frisks its tail we understand that the dog is happy and wants to play with us. I’m sure that the dog feels their owner’s mood. And if the owner is sick, the dog lies down near him and feels pity for him. And of course, dogs feel danger, they feel when their owner is in danger and can prevent it. That’s why we can say that dogs are our best friends.
     Furthermore, trained dogs are useful to their owners. Some dogs can learn and perform commands, also they are playful. We like when dogs understand our commands. For example, when we ask him for a paw, he gives it. When we throw a stick and say: "Get’em!”- the dog runs and takes it back. We can use dogs for hunting, because they are able to catch small animals. There are dogs that help people and work with us. We call them service dogs. For example, every day dogs help people who are visually impaired. Also dogs help us to search people who are missing. Their do it because of their highly sensitive nose. There are police dogs that help officers in making arrests. Dogs serve with officers on the border and at customs terminals.
     On the other hand, I know that sometimes dogs can bite. I think it’s because of lack of care. Of course, dogs need attention! They need to be fed and brushed, and taken for their daily walk or regular visit to the vet. However, this is the small price to pay in exchange for their friendship and loyalty.
     All in all, although having a dog can be tiring, I believe they are the best pets. Spending a little time with your dog every day will certain win you a "best friend” for a life. And also I think, dogs are more than pets, they are our helper, loyal friends and they deserve a certain respect for the role they have in civilization.
     I will do the best to deserve my pet dog and I believe that one day I will have a little friend!
Выступление на конкурсе Спикеров. 2009.
Гимназия 43. Иванов Роман - 5 "Б" класс.
Учитель - Трушкина Г.В.
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