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Homework: to do or not to do?
     As usually, a lot of homework... To do or not to do?
To decide this, let’s have a look – what is homework? Homework is a task set by teachers for students to do outside normal lessons – usually at home in the evening. Most children have never liked homework but from time to time it is also debated by politicians, parents and teachers. Sometimes there are demands for more homework. At other times there are calls for less homework to be set. Why is it so?
     Only think: on one hand, a lot of HW which takes a lot of time up. On the other hand, I think that you will agree with me, being young is not just about doing school work. It should also about being physically active, exploring the environment through play, doing creative things like music and art, and playing a part in the community. It is also important for young people to build bonds with others, especially family and friends, but homework often squeezes the time available for all these things. How do you think – if we only study when we learn, or we can also get information playing, communicating, exploring..?
     Maybe HW has little educational worth and adds nothing to the time spent in school? Let’s think together - Why? First of all, HW is almost always done when a child is already tired from a long day at school. As a result few students are at their best when they sit down in the evening to yet more work. In addition to this, sometimes it is hard to check whether the homework students produce is really their own. Some students have always copied off others or got their parents to help them. What is more, today there is so much material available on the internet that teachers can never be sure. In school everyone is equal, but at home some people have advantages because of their family background. Middle-class families with books and computers will be able to help their children much more than poorer ones can. This can mean working class children end up with worse grades and more punishments for undone or badly done homework. On the other hand pushy parents may even end up doing their kids’ homework for them – cheating. Furthermore, do you remember?
          The more we study, The more we know.
          The more we know, The more we forget.
          The more we forget, The less we know…
          So, why study?
     But let’s have a glance at this problem from the other side.
There are only a few hours in each school day – not enough time for all the subjects children need to study. But doing tasks helps students strengthen their undersаемtanding and become more confident in using new knowledge and skills. And also, I think that every student should have homework, no matter if they decide to do their homework or not. It makes you smarter and you can learn from the mistakes you make.
     What is more, HW prepares students to work more independently, as they will have to at college and in the workplace. Everyone needs to develop skills in personal organization, working to deadlines, being able to research, and so on. If students are always "spoon-fed” topics at school they will never develop study skills and self-discipline for the future.     
     Have you ever thought what your life would be like if you did your homework?
Sure it's boring but you have to do it if you want to do something with your life. The job that you've always dreamed of, they wouldn't even hire you because you don't have the right skills. There's this one saying you've probably heard of before it's that "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT". The reason why teachers give you homework is because they want you to be successful!
     To sum up, all the arguments against homework may be true but it is for the greater good of the students themselves. So next time when you think to do or not to do, only change your question and think: to be or not to be!
Выступление на конкурсе Спикеров. 2010.
Гимназия 43. Москвина Маргарита - 7 "Б" класс.
Учитель - Трушкина Г.В.
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