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Classroom with Laptops. Компьютеры в школе
Classroom with Laptops. Компьютеры в школе
Exercise 9 (p. 121)

     Along with pencils, pens and erasers, many schoolchildren are now heading into the classroom with laptops.Technology has always had an important place in the classroom, but it now seems that we are facing significant changes in the way that children are taught. There is a real possibility that in the future books in the classroom will be replaced with computers and laptops.

     Learning from laptops or computers has obvious advantages. Firstly, schoolchildren would only bring one thing to the classroom – their laptop. They wouldn’t have to carry a huge bag full of books and this would reduce the chances of losing or forgetting a piece of work. Secondly, work can be done online. The teacher can set tasks for the class and it can be returned through the Internet. Students that are absent can be sent work they have missed so they can keep up to date with their studies.

     However, replacing books with computers also has disadvantages.To begin with, there are computer viruses. If a computer crashes, lots of work could be lost and have to be redone. Also, the Internet is not the most reliable source of information. Not all schoolchildren will check their facts and this could cause serious problems when writing projects.

     Overall, there are both advantages and disadvantages to replacing books with computers. Perhaps, the best solution is to use both. Modern times may call for modern methods, but it’s worth remembering that books have been around for many years and will hopefully be around for many years to come.

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