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Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour.

ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Задание №40.

Эссе на тему: "Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour."


Have you ever considered the fact that outfit we wear can affect our manner of acting? Some people say clothes impact on a wearer whereas there are those who are convinced that attire only changes our appearance. As for me, clothes motivate our behavior.

On the one hand, there are positive aspects to confirm my point of view. Firstly, formal clothes often make people think they look confident. Therefore, everything: movements, gestures, facial expressions and posture will also depict their assurance. Moreover, outrageous dressing makes people stand out from the crowd. That means that people wearing such rags do not care about other people’s opinion. Consequently, a change in their behavior will be evident.

In contrast, there is an opposing opinion that clothes cannot change the way you behave. The main argument in favour is that what we wear can change only our appearance as our behaviour depends on our character.

In fact, I cannot agree with them. For example, there are subcultures that aim at self-expression through clothes and behaviour. However, most people follow the dress code and code of conduct which involves not to stand out of the crowd too much. Would such person feel more awkward than usually? Obviously, his or her behaviour would not be the same.

In conclusion, there are different points of view on this matter. I would like to state that the way we dress changes the way we behave as feeling self-conscious or unconfident affects people's behaviour.


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