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Medical Profession
Suggested Answer Key

     Many important people work in the medical profession – ambulance drivers take us safely to the hospital; nurses look after us and make us feel comfortable during our stay. However, undoubtedly, doctors and surgeons have the most important jobs of all. They make important decisions – chose the best treatment and medicines for us – and ultimately, save lives. 

     There are many advantages of working in such a profession: you get a great sense of satisfaction working with the public. There are also good career prospects and the salary is good too.   

     However, there are also many disadvantages, such as having to work long and unsociable hours. It is also a highly stressful job as it comes with great responsibility.

     Personally, I admire people who go into the medical profession. I wouldn’t be able to do it myself – I cannot stand the sight of blood! In my country there are many hospitals, both state-run and private. Generally, the standard of care offered in them is high – there are many top surgeons in Russia and many members of dedicated staff.
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