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Medical service - fee or free?
Suggested Answer Key

     When was the last time you were ill? Did you go to the doctor’s? Did you spend time in hospital? Whenever we use the health system, and we use it a lot, the services we use have to be paid for. The question is, should we pay for them ourselves or should they be free.

     I strongly believe that vital medical services should be free. To begin with, not everyone can afford healthcare. There are people so poor that they can barely put enough food on the table without having to pay for extra treatments and expensive medicine. A fair society looks after the underprivileged.

     On the other hand, medical services are not cheap and eventually someone has to pay. The number of elderly people is increasing and the extra pressure on hospitals and doctors needs to be funded from somewhere.

     To conclude, there is no easy answer to this problem but if we want to consider ourselves as belonging to a society, we need to care for all the community regardless of how much they have in their wallets.

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