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 Newspapers as a sourse of information.   

     When was the last time you read a newspaper from front to back page? Not surprisingly, most people get what little they know about the world from sound bites on the television. It is possible, however, to use a newspaper as a sole source of information. As with most things though, there are advantages and disadvantages.

     Many people consider a newspaper to be a convenient source of information. Firstly, it can go into depth on any subject. For example, it can look at the background of an issue from several perspectives. In addition, a newspaper can accompany you through the day. You can read it on the train, in the waiting room or even under the desk in the office.

     In contrast, there are other ways to get informed. To begin with, television gets you the news far quicker than a day-old newspaper. Moreover, television’s ability to present images means the news comes to life in a way it could not in dead-tree format.

     To sum up, there are differing opinions on the validity of newspapers with strong arguments both for and against. It is really a matter of how much you want to know and how much time you have to learn it.
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